Pre-Settlement Funding

Pre-Settlement funding is one of the many services offered by The Settlement Funders to benefit you and your legal practice. In fact, we are experts in New York pre-settlement funding.

Our pre-settlement funding services help both you and your clients. Your clients receive assistance with their daily expenses and help staying afloat while they wait for their case to conclude. In turn, they are able to pay your invoices so that you receive positive cash flow to operate and grow your law practice.


As you no doubt know, cases can take a huge amount of time to settle. Your client may not be able to work during this time, especially if they are disabled. In fact, your client may be entirely on their own and getting behind on fees, bills, and everyday expenses like groceries.

Pre-settlement funding by The Settlement Funders is often the answer to their problems, allowing them to keep their lights on and food in their fridge. They will then have the money to get ahead of debt collectors and lead a normal life.

We are here to help you. Delaying will only dig the hole deeper.
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